FoodTalk#16 28 January 2021 2 pm (Lisbon)

Pedro has been involved in Food Design as a practitioner, social entrepreneur and scholar for the past decade. His design career includes several startups, the most prominent being Vacavaliente, a long standing MoMA Store favorite. His academic work is rooted in the relationship between form and structure within a paradigm he has termed “techno-morphology”, subject of numerous international research publications, projects and lecture appearances. His interest in the transdiscipline of Food Design is motivated by rethinking and redefining the sense and role it can play for us as people, professionals and society. This search for a meaningful and useful “Food Design for improving our food lives” has led him to found the Latin American Food Design Network ( and create an FD Educational hub ( Also his personal interest in product design paved the way for his FD agency in Buenos Aires ( His most recent contribution to FD is the publication of the book (in Spanish for now)”Food Design: hacia un eco-sistema alimentario”, and the launching of the “Revista Latinoamericana de Food Design: you eat what you are”.
Opening Session of the Master’s in Food Design. Welcome to our future Food Designers.
16 December 2020

Due to the situation we are currently experiencing and the uncertainty of the pandemic reality COVID-19 worldwide, especially for foreign students who would like to travel to Portugal but are unable at this time, the presidency of ESHTE along with the executive and scientific coordination of the Master in Food Design restructured the course’s format, so that students can attend this cycle of studies safely without limiting the access to every offered teaching activity (workshops; seminars; conferences; visits).
Thus, this 1st Edition of the Masters in Food Design will be taught in a blended format (online and in person). The 1stsemester that will take place from January to April 2021 will be taught online with all guests and teachers of the masters degree, and the 2nd semester from May to July 2021 will be taught in a blended format (online and in person). The exam and evaluation period will also be adapted in case the same situation remains at the time. Any changes will be previously communicated to students, always taking into account the information on the COVID-19 pandemic.
The extension of the 1st round application deadline also allows students previously interested in attending the course online to take advantage of the discount offered on this round application. Similarly, the applications for Advanced Training in Design for Food are open with these same benefits and deadlines as the Masters, so that students can apply for this course that runs in parallel with the Master in Food Design.
For more information on applications, access to the platform and other situations, you can contact the course coordinators via e-mail:
Ricardo Bonacho (;
Nelson Félix ( or
Maria José Pires (
For additional information, you can always access the information on the ESHTE page> Courses> Masters> Food Design

Applications are now open: 14 September until 31 October 2020. You can apply here: 1) Select your language and follow the instructions.
We will be live via zoom on July 30th to answer all questions about this new Master in Food Design. If you are interested in MFD and have any doubts, talk to us. July 30th at 11 am through the Zoom platform, or if you prefer, you can watch on our Facebook page and ask your questions.

Food Talks – Think, Talk & Design

This set of “talks” that work in open class mode (to the entire academic community and those who are interested in the issues raised) brought together a group of specialists from different areas who brought up to students various topics about the current food system and how we must continue to preserve and innovate for the sustainability (environmental, social and economic) of local food cultures. The Food Talks created within the scope of the Master in Innovation in Science and Culinary Arts are now also shared by the Master in Food Design, renaming it to Food Talks – Think, Talk, and Design. This way, students from both masters can benefit from these sessions together, as well as the entire academic community as usual. Food talks won the Best Educational Project Award from the Hospitality Education Awards in 2019.

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